A refund policy is a set of guidelines and rules established by a business or organization to outline the conditions and processes for issuing refunds to customers who request a return of their purchased product or service. The refund policy typically covers aspects such as eligibility for a refund, the timeframe within which refunds can be requested, acceptable reasons for requesting a refund, the method of refund (e.g., credit card refund, store credit, etc.), and any applicable fees or conditions. The purpose of a refund policy is to provide clarity and transparency to customers regarding their rights and expectations in the event they are dissatisfied with a purchase and wish to seek a refund. It helps establish fair practices and guidelines for both the business and the customer in handling refund-related matters.



We at Etechfest want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, please contact us or open a new support ticket.

In the event, however, that you decide your purchase was not the right decision, we want to make things right.

We are happy to offer a 7-day, money-back guarantee on all single product, package or service purchases. Simply contact us within 7 days of your purchase, with details of your request, and we’ll help you.

Conditions For A Declined Refund

Due to the nature of digital goods, we recognize that this policy can be abused, and reserve the right to refuse refunds in specific cases.

We will not refund your purchase in the following situations:

  • No refunds will be given after 7 days from the initial purchase.
  • If the product was downloaded but you simply changed your mind.
  • If you bought a product, a package or a service by mistake.
  • If you refuse the help of our team to assist you with the products, packages or services installation and set up as in the demo.
  • If you claim that there is a problem with the products, packages or services without providing additional details.
  • Refunds do not apply to products, packages or services upgrades or annual renewals.
  • Due to the possibility of dishonest tactics, we reserve the right to refuse refunds on all the products, packages or services.
  • If we determine the refund policy is being taken advantage of or is abused.
  • If we detect that the products, packages or services is installed on customer personal computers or servers.
  • If you benefited from our free installation and setup products, packages or services.
  • If you benefited from technical support from our team. In such cases we’ll provide a partial refund.

Refund requests may take up to 7 days to process. Absolutely no refunds will be given after 7 days from the initial purchase.

Etechfest reserves the right to change or modify current Refund Policy with no prior notice.